The Spiritual Malady Striving to quench our thirst for by Georgeann Sack

Even if this person had no such intention of hurting my feelings I would blame him nonetheless via my defensive reactions. The newcomer gave me an example of a resentment he was experiencing after this guy at a meeting said “get off your pink cloud” a phrase that refers to the sometimes mildly ecstatic feelings of early recovery. I would add to this that I also get distress via fears of rejection from others, I suffer from fear based shame to a chronic extent.

spiritual malady meaning

I never say I am upset because it also seems to be an undifferentiated emotion that I have trouble accessing, mentalising and expressing. In fact I think this pattern of interlinked negative emotions occurs simply because of inability to identify, label and share the simple fact that I have been upset by what someone has said or acted towards me. Just as revealing where the negative emotions listed which clearly showed how I react, and can still react to people who I believe have caused my hurt or rejection.

Recovery Starts Here.

I personally do believe my spirit is separate from my mind and my body. Simply because I can observe both, so I know I am more than just my mind and my body. I don’t think that something inside me is supernatural .

spiritual malady meaning

I contend that alcoholism is an emotional disorder which results in chemical dependency on the substance of alcohol. However in order to treat it we have to first contend with the symptomatic manifestation of this disorder, chronic alcohol use, as it is spiritual malady meaning the most life threatening aspect of this disorder when we present our selves at AA. In sobriety, it is so important to maintain conscious contact with a higher power and count our blessings. Being spiritually maladapted can come from a lack of gratitude.

The AA View of Alcoholism

Our spiritual malady causes us to be restless, irritable, and discontented. The reason we cannot just quit is that our mind constantly has us believe that we can control and enjoy our drinking. No matter what the consequences were in the past, our mind will be obsessed with the thought of drinking. Basically, the alcoholic, once they start they cannot control the amount they take. Recovered means free from the obsession and constant struggle to stay sober.

  • The first of these is that individuals that are seeking to better themselves in one way or another are often eager to learn and thus open to the experience.
  • When dealing with the disease of alcoholism we are selfish and self-centered beings.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous , the first twelve-step fellowship, was founded in 1935 by Bill Wilson and Dr. Robert Holbrook Smith, known to AA members as “Bill W.” and “Dr. Bob”, in Akron, Ohio.
  • Selfishness and self -centeredness is the root of my trouble.
  • We become so fixated on it that almost everything we do leads us to think about getting intoxicated.

This is because drinking again would place them back into the midst of their addiction. The disease of alcohol is a mental obsession and physical compulsion to keep drinking. Alcoholics Anonymous promotes a spiritual cure as the best cure for alcoholism. The majority of twelve-step programs, however, address illnesses other than substance addiction. For example, the third-largest twelve-step program, Al-Anon, assists family members and friends of people who have alcoholism and other addictions. About twenty percent of twelve-step programs are for substance addiction recovery, the other eighty percent address a variety of problems from debt to depression. It would be an error to assume the effectiveness of twelve-step methods at treating problems in one domain translates to all or to another domain, therefore, readers are directed to relevant sections in each group’s Wikipedia article.

How Far Have We Come In Understanding this “Spiritual Malady” of Alcoholism?

I treat the spiritual malady with a combination of recovery, unity, and service as well as other spiritual practices outside of alcoholics anonymous. Step 12 if you will Practice these principles in all our affairs. This mesh of negative emotions can link up fairly instantaneously I find.

It is a disease of the brain that is likely to have a genetic component. This disease theory of addiction has won a great deal of support in the medical community.